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Fiche produit :

Drywall sorter topper

Référence : FTM480  

Catégorie : Manutention

Remove and replace decommissioned plates in a pile of heavy and fragile products. (Stacks of plaster, partitions)
Description fonctionnelle :
Dimension of the batteries to sort:
Length from 2000 mm to 3600 mm.
Width 900 or 1,200 mm.
Height from 600 to 1250 mm.
Maximum weight of the battery 3 000 kgs
Description technique :
  • Loading the battery at the forklift.
  • Bridging and switching the automatic stack.
  • Release constraints without damaging the plates.
  • Manual removal and replacement of decommissioned plates.
  • Clamping and restoring the automatic stack.
  • Removing the battery from the forklift.
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