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Fiche produit :

Automatic polystyrene cutting bridge

Référence : FTM242  

Catégorie : Usinage / découpe

Automatic threading and vertical multi-wire cutting.
Description fonctionnelle :
20 wires, automatic distribution (20 wires in 3 min)
Cutting capacity 1300 x 1300 x 6000mm
Finished product length from 30 to 6000mm (- / + 0.5mm)
Variable cutting speed from 0.5 to 3m / min
Conveyor with removable rollers 8m
Description technique :
  • Variable introduction speed
  • Automatic centering of the 4-point block
  • Electronic heating regulation by phase angle
  • Top hold for cutting up
  • Dynamic case detection of thread
  • Controlling the displacement of the bridge during cutting
  • Touch control interface and production monitoring
  • Manufacturing change by recipe system.
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